Bahrain Formula 1 Results – Brains, Brawn and Button…

27 04 2009
Jenson, Smoother than a babies bareback..

Jenson, Smoother than a babies bareback..

 Jenson Button drove a great race to win the Bahrain Grand Prix.
Now I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the first few laps, which I can only describe as spectacular; by far the most exciting part of the race.
We’re at an amazing point in the Grand Prix timeline thanks to a series of wholesale changes to car design. In particular, we have two distinct car types, those running Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (“KERS”), and those who are not. It seems (at least for the moment), that the have-nots are much better off than the haves.
Whilst KERS cars typically have better acceleration and are heavier, cars without KERS are lighter and faster than crap off a stick around corners.
KERS provides an additional 80 horses by storing energy created when braking. The extra 80 is stored in a (really heavy) battery and can be used at driver’s discretion. In fact, the battery is so heavy that Kubica and Webber have developed eating disorders so as not to be disadvantaged when competing agains shorter, lighter drivers.
This all makes for great racing. As the red lights vanished we saw Hamilton execute a perfect start, passing Vettel and Button for third. Although Button re-passed Hammo in the subsequent lap under brakes, Vettel struggled to do the same, in turn destroying his chance for a win. Webber had similar issues further down the field as he struggled to pass Piquet on the start finish straight.
It’s these vastly different car characteristics that’s making f1 racing more exciting than a 1 carat diamond is to my current squeeze – particularly the opening laps!