After 60 Years in Formula 1 – Ferrari says Ciao

14 05 2009
Non Parla Italiano
Non Parla Italiano
Ferrari today announced that they do not intend to enter the 2010 Formula 1 Grand Prix Championship should the FIA’s proposed regulation changes go ahead.
The Prancing Horse joins a growing list of teams, including Toyota, BMW, Red Bull and Torro Rosso that are dissatisfied with FIA chief Max Mosley’s ever-changing rulebook.
Of most concern is the proposed option in 2010 for F1 teams to voluntarily cap their spending at 40 million pounds (not including driver salaries and a bunch of other costs). Any team that opts for the cap is rewarded with a broader creative mandate in relation to car design, including an allowable adjustable rear wing (worth 2 seconds a lap).
The debate as to whether to standardise cars, or allow teams total creative flair is a long running one. Offering teams total creative license promotes true innovation which in turn, benefits the road cars on which the sport is supposed to be based.
Standardisation and cost regulation provide affordability to both teams and the tracks at which they race, but at what cost?
We may as well be watching the A1GP. 😦



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