14 05 2009

Fernando was dissapointed with the handling of the new Renault

Fernando was dissapointed with the handling of the new Renault


It’s been almost two weeks since Button won the Bahrain F1GP and we now head to the serious part of the grand prix calender – Europe.


Europe’s where it all stared. It’s birthplace to pedigree manufacturers like Ferrari, BMW, Mercedez and Renault. More importantly it’s home to all the F1 teams!

This weekend’s Spanish grand prix will likely provide much insight into the remainder of the season. Brawn, Toyota and Red Bull, who have been the pace-setters in the first four races will face intensified competition from the powerhouses that are Ferrari and McLaren.

With the gap between races, it’s likely we’ll see some significant car updates; double diffusers will be commonplace and teams will begin copying the ingenuity of their competitors (such as Williams copying Red Bull’s rear-wing endplates).

BMW Sauber have surely prayed each night to the upgrade gods..(“Please lord, bring me thy balance combined with better corner speed”).

McLaren and Renault have no doubt further refined their double diffuser designs whilst Ferrari is one of the only teams to stick with KERS and to have been quoted stating that it offers a “clear advantage”.

The lack of certainty in relation to a title contender is making 2009 a spectacular formula 1 season. Can Brawn keep the advantage? Will Vettel, combined with Newey’s brilliance prevail? Or will McLaren and Ferrari stamp their dominance once more?




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